Upcoming Events @ West Coast Aikido Academy

Women’s Only Fitness & Self-Defence Classes beginning July 5th and held every Wednesday & Friday @ 9:00 am


Bully Defence FREE Community Workshop!
1:00 PM – Saturday July 22nd 2017

Learn the steps to defending against a Bully:

PREVENT – Learn to recognize bully behavior and stop it before it starts.
PREPARE – Know the skills it takes to defuse a potential confrontation while walking away.
PROTECT – Protect yourself by learning valuable self-defense skills and having the knowledge to set boundaries.

Parents: Don’t let your child be a victim of bullying! In this workshop, participants will learn NON-AGGRESSIVE methods to AVOID conflict and stay safe.
Call today to register your child in this FREE community workshop. (08) 9309 6506 or email admin@wcaikido.com


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