Women’s Only Fitness & Self-Defence Classes

After the great success of our Women’s Self-Defence Workshop and our Women’s Self-Defence 9 week Short Course, we at West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy decided to add Women Only Fitness & Self-Defence classes to our regular training timetable at our Wangara, WA Dojo.


We’ve created safe & fun environment for women who are looking to get into the best shape of their lives as well as learn how to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones against an attack in any situation, in any place, against any person and against any weapon; regardless of size or strength. By combining Martial Art Self-Defence techniques with functional fitness movement we will help you:

  • Build Functional Strength
  • Tone and Tighten Every Muscle in Your Body
  • Improve Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Develop Greater Co-ordination
  • Speed Up Reaction Time
  • Improve Your Balance
  • Develop greater Flexibility
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Have More Energy
  • Be Able To Walk With Confidence

Call us today or fill in the inquiry form to find out how we can help get you into literally the Best Shape of Your Life!